Traci’s podcast for “The Iceberg Project”

Cher_Hale_in_VeniceOne of the great things about doing a “linguisticky” Italian language and literature blog is that a lot of interesting people contact you. The most intriguing person I’ve met by far is Cher Hale (that’s her in the picture, btw, looking amazing in Venice).

Cher plans to learn 25 languages in 25 years (uh-huh, you read that right). She decided to start with Italian because, as she puts it, she’s “having a passionate affair with the Italian language. Minus the silk sheets in upscale hotels, red lipstick on white button-ups, and sneaking around.”

To help you have your own romantic escapade with Italian, Cher has created “The Iceberg Project.” She says the name “is based on the theory that most of what you learn about culture when visiting a new country without speaking the language is just the tip of the iceberg.” Which is oh-so true.

If you want to become fluent in Italian, go to and click Start Here First. You’ll then be presented with an explanation of the project and a series of language paths to choose from, depending on your skill level.

In addition to the language paths, Cher has a lot of terrific resources for learning Italian on her site, including hilarious phrase guides (with cheesy puns and pick-up lines), free language tools, fun blog articles, and fascinating podcasts. If that’s not enough, Cher is also on YouTube and Pinterest.

My favorite feature on Cher’s site is a recurring blog post called “Italian Word Speed Dates.” There’s also a podcast with yours truly entitled “How to embrace Italian dialect and learn Italian with Neapolitan soap operas with Traci from italicissima” (I’m so proud that I worked in a reference to Un posto al sole).

So join The Iceberg Project and date an Italian word. Or, if you’re already spoken for, take Cher’s “31-Day Learn Italian Challenge.” Ti sfido a farlo (I dare you to do it)!


Traci’s podcast for “The Iceberg Project” — 2 Comments

  1. Ciao Traci,

    I was delighted that you spoke about Un Posto al Sole.

    I recently discovered it myself, and enjoy watching it. Each episode is not too long, and as the story lines in soaps are universal, it is easy to follow.

    I just watch it like I would with any TV programme, is there anything else you’d recommend I do?

    Thanks for reading this.


    • Hi David,

      The key for me has been reading (regularly). I started with a book of short stories by Agatha Christie, and I haven’t stopped since then, which is why this blog happened. Do you read in Italian?


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