Il giorno della civetta

Leonardo Sciascia (b. 1921, Racalmuto; d. 1989, Palermo) is one of Italy’s foremost authors. A novelist, essayist, playwright and politician, Sciascia used his writing to expose the corruption inherent in Italian society; specifically, the collusion between the government, the Church … Continue reading

Using Italian: A Guide to Contemporary Italian

As an ex-instructor of Italian, I often get asked to recommend grammar books for students at all levels of learning. My favorites tend to be those that contain information about authentic Italian language; in other words, the ways in which … Continue reading

Almost Blue

Carlo Lucarelli (b. 1960, Parma) is an author, director, screenwriter, journalist, and host of the true crime show Lucarelli racconta. Celebrated for his noir sensibility and gritty portrayal of Bologna, Lucarelli is a founding member of a distinguished group of mystery … Continue reading