Nicky Persico

Nicky Persico (b. 1964, Bari) is an attorney, journalist and author. At the urging of writer Lara Cardella, Persico published his first short story, “Stellina (Starlet),” in 2010. His latest work is an intriguing “smart thriller” about stalking entitled Spaghetti … Continue reading

Rosa Mogliasso

Rosa Mogliasso (b. 1960, Susa) is a prize-winning author of Italian regional mystery; specifically, Turinese noir. She is perhaps best known for her Inspector Barbara Gillo series, a gritty and often ironic portrait of contemporary Turin and the surrounding area. … Continue reading

Anna Mittone

Anna Mittone (b. 1971, Torino) is a TV screenwriter and author. After studying the communicative structures of soap operas at the Università di Torino, Mittone got her start in television with the long-running Neapolitan soap opera “Un posto al sole.” … Continue reading

Massimo Cassani

Massimo Cassani (b. 1966, Cittiglio) studied journalism in Milan, where he currently works with both Gruppo 24 Ore and Il Sole 24 Ore. When he’s not writing articles and managing periodicals, he’s teaching and writing noir. Although he is perhaps … Continue reading

Antonio Manzini

When he’s not acting, directing or writing screenplays, Antonio Manzini (b. 1964, Rome) writes compelling crime fiction. His latest novel, Pista nera (Sellerio, 2013), is taking the international publishing industry by storm thanks in part to his controversial cop protagonist, … Continue reading